External Relations

All Council operations are sanctioned by the Urban Councils Act [Chapter 29:15]. Other than liaising with all the Ministries of government on various issues affecting its operations the city submits monthly reports to the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing which is its parent ministry.

The city has also established twinning relationships with various cities throughout the world namely:

  • City of Haarlem - Netherlands
  • Manica, Beira, Chimoio - Mozambique

Operational Activities

The organization’s input, process and output cycle is described below in table below.

City Engineer Building Inspectorate-takes in plans and booking for inspections (Development control)
  • Check each construction stage (development control)
  • Inspection of building plans and buildings under construction.
  • Give plans back to the applicant approved for building
  • Issuing of certificates of occupation.
  • Issuing of development permits.
Land Survey-assessments of applications for both residential and commercial stands.
  • Pegging of stands
  • Provision of stands for allocation
Town Planning-design of layouts-preparation of land use-preparation of master plan
  • Approval of building plans, carry out subdivision and consolidation of stands, forward planning
  • Development control. Issuing of development permits, give out site plans and licensing.
Roads-general complaints about poor state of roads-politically driven (as campaign tool)
  • Regarding roads, pothole filling, drain cleaning, grass cutting
  • Well graded roads and maintained roads, provision of roads to new stands.
Housing and Community Services Schools-need to provide educational facilities
  • Ensure a primary school for every 700 stands.
  • Provide primary schools for every suburb and reduce hot sitting and walking distance to schools by 50%.
Recreational facilities-need to offer and rehabilitate up to standard and state of art recreational facilities.
  • Renovate all halls, Sakubva Stadium, swimming pools.
  • Provide with swimming pools, the state of art sporting facilities, halls eg Queens Hall
Housing-application of a housing waiting list
  • Process the waiting list and service the required stands in high, low and medium density areas
  • Allocate the serviced stands to the applicants and private developers
Burial-needs to provide with burial facilities.
  • Clear land to provide a new cemetery in Sakubva and upgrading the cremation at Yeovil cemetery
  • Availability of burial space in the city, Sakubva, Dangamvura and Yeovil
Informal Sector-growing demand of space for informal sector to operate.
  • Service and construct vending shells and identify suitable sites with stakeholders' participation
  • Provision of more shells at Sakubva and Dangamvura green markets, establishments of designated vending sites in the CBD
Health Clinical Unit-need to provide access to basic clinical health services to all residents
  • Construction and commissioning of clinics and polyclinics. Provide staff for the additional health staff
  • Ensure that all clinics are functional and provide the basic health services to the citizens
Voluntary Counseling and Testing Centers-need to reduce the rate of HIV transmission
  • Educate and inform public on HIV transmission. Promote voluntary counseling testing. Encourage early treatment of opportunistic infections
  • Behavior change, reduction in HIV positive rates, Strong support of HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing Centres
Public Health Management-need to keep the city clean, need to monitor and combat outbreak of diseases
  • Everyday cleaning of the public toilets, street sweeping, refuse collection done promptly, spraying and slashing of open spaces, implement health by-laws on various buildings.
  • Clean toilets, dirty free streets, prevent outbreak of malaria and other communicable diseases, controlling hawking and vending, licence all food vendors.
Treasury Department Charges
  • Billing-refuse-supplementary-rates-sundries-miscellaneous
  • Revenue collection
Final demands and summons
  • Sort them out according to their areas
  • Distribute them to customers
Advance salary, refunds, traveling and subsistence allowance application and so on
  • Court proceedings
  • Recording of cheques and
  • Issue out the payments
Creating consumer accounts for billing
  • Billing of new accounts
  • Revenue collection
Receive agreements of sale from (HCSD)
  • Filling, recording and checking whether the information provided is correct and matches with the one in the system (computer)
  • Updated and correct records
Title deeds and session forms
Customers paying their rates and licenses
  • Changing of names and updating of records
  • Revenue collection
Receive internal orders eg, stationery assets, fuel
  • Receipting of payments
  • Purchase orders
Salaries section receives information about new employees, contract workers
  • Process the orders and look for quotations
  • Process the payroll account to the information given
  • Salaries are paid
Chamber Secretary Applications for shop licenses
  • Inspections of premises to determine the suitability for use by the City Engineer, Health Inspectors and ZESA.
  • Granting of shop licenses
Submission of Committee and Council agenda
  • Compilation of items from the departments by the Chamber Secretary for consolidation and sending out the agendas to members of the Committee and Council
  • Convening the meetings
Complaints of service delivery
  • Directing complaints to the relevant service departments and informing the complainant on action taken
  • Improved service delivery