Being a local authority, the organization operations are based on a set of governing statutory rules known, which one is required to follow whenever making a decision. These statutory rules known which one is required to follow whenever making a decision. These statutes include Labor Relations Act [Chapter 28:01], Urban Councils Act [Chapter 29:15], Urban development Corporation Act [Chapter 29:16], Water Act [Chapter 20:22], Regional, Town and Country Planning Act [Chapter 29:12], Public Health Act [Chapter 15:09], Municipal Traffic Laws Enforcement Act [Chapter 29:10] and Shop Licences Act [Chapter 14:17].


Residents Good roads, water, housing, community facilities, security, customer service, recreation amenities, educational and health facilities.
Commerce and industry Good roads, investor-friendly policies and good customer service
Commuter operators Good roads and speedy processing of applications
Informal Sector Operators Factory shells and business licenses
Truckers Good roads, parking and resting facilities
Exporters Export processing zone, good investment policies, educated labour force and good roads.
Government Departments Office space, accommodation, good communication systems, educational and health facilities, recreational facilities amenities e.t.c
Tourism Good hotels and lodges, security, good transport and communication networks.