Ceremonial Mayor

At the top of the organization is the Ceremonial Mayor who is elected into office through general election. He or she is expected to serve for five years. After the Ceremonial Mayor then come the Councillors. At the service of the Councillors and Ceremonial Mayor is a body of officers known as the local civil service. They are appointed by Councillors with the approval of the Local Government Board as governed by the Urban Councils Act [Chapter 29:15] Section 132. These include the Town Clerk, Chamber secretary and all Heads of Departments.

Council Standing Committees

Audit Committee

To inquire into and report upon the manner in which the finances of the Council, its assets and human resources are being used.

Finance Committee

To draw up and present for approval of the Council estimates of budgets.

Public Works and Town Lands Committee

Ensure the development of the city in terms of the Regional, Town and Country Planning Act.

Community Services, Housing, Health and Education Committee

To plan and ensure the implementation of housing projects.

Environmental Management Committee

To ensure and maintain an efficient public cleansing service.

General Purposes Committee

Deals mostly with the human resources, that is, appointments, dismissals, reinstatements and other staff matters.