Organizational Structure

City of Mutare uses a functional organizational structure where the departments are divided according to their operations thus, Treasury, Chamber Secretary, Engineering, Housing and Community Services and Health departments.

Heads Of Department


The Town Clerk is responsible for coordinating and running the affairs of the city. All heads of departments report to the Town Clerk whilst he reports to the Mayor. The Town Clerk is responsible for the proper administration of Council and managing the operations and property of the Council. His responsibilities and duties are mainly covered in the Urban Councils Act, Section 136.


The Acting Chamber Secretary, Mrs. G. Muneta is responsible for preparing and distributing of minutes of the proceedings of the Council and its Committee. She is also responsible for preparing and distributing agendas and notices. Whenever the office of the Town Clerk is vacant or the Town Clerk is absent or incapacitated or fails to act, the Chamber Secretary will perform the functions of the Town Clerk as stipulated by the Urban Councils Act [Chapter 29:15] Section 132 (2). The Chamber Secretary’s department is also responsible for flighting of adverts in the press and therefore, it liaises with all departments that may want to publicise any information about their department. Through its Committee Officers, the department also processes new shop licences and tenders. It liaises with the Health department when issuing the licences. Trading and health by-laws are implemented through the Municipal Police which is under this department.


The section which falls under the Chamber Secretary’s Department is headed by the Human Resources Manager who reports to the Chamber Secretary. The department is responsible for formulating and implementing human resources strategy and policy. The department mainly caters for the employee welfare and handling any grievances and disciplinary hearings.


The Acting Director of Health Services heads this department and reports directly to the Town Clerk. The main role is to provide health services and environmental management. The Health Inspectors implement the health by-laws by inspecting town buildings that they are suited for their intended functions. This is done in conjunction with the Chamber Secretary’s department in licensing the buildings. The department is responsible for the following duties; refuse collection, spraying to prevent malaria disease outbreaks, monitoring and combating disease outbreaks, clinical services are offered and it boasts of six clinics and an infectious diseases hospital.


This is one of the busiest departments being headed by the City Engineer, Mr D.G Nyatoti who reports to the Town Clerk. The department is responsible for providing all engineering services to the city people. These include road construction and maintenance, fire brigade that controls fire outbreaks as stipulated in the Urban Councils Act Section 200, land survey, town planning and building inspectorate services. The department liaises with the Housing and Community Services department in availing residential and commercial stands. Section 149 to 156 of the Urban Councils Act governs the department’s operations.


At the heart of the Mutare City Council is the Finance Department which is headed by the Finance Director Mr L Musasa. The department is divided into various sections which include the Salaries and Payroll Administration, Information Technology, Creditors and Debtors. All these perform various functions coordinated together to achieve one goal, that is, to manage and utilize Council’s financial resources in a transparent and accountable manner. The role and function of this department is stipulated in the Urban Councils Act Section 284 and 307. The department is like the engine of the Council. Without it controlling and formulating a workable budget of Council’s operations would not be undertaken. Hence, it is very essential to the Council operations.


The department is headed by the Director of Housing and Community Services, Mr S Mapurisa who reports to the Town Clerk heads the department. The Deputy Director of Housing and Community Services assists him. The department is responsible for the provision of decent and affordable accommodation to the resident of the city. The department also ensures the provision of recreational facilities that caters for the social and economic needs of the residents through its Community Services Section headed by the Community Services Officer. The department provides schools to the residents, libraries and sporting facilities.